How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

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Moreover, it also has a delay feature, through which you can delay your screenshots by a few seconds. The screenshot will be saved in your OneNote notebook. Alternative snapshot applications for Microsoft WindowsIn addition to the Snipping Tool, there are a few other screenshot applications you can use on Windows. Press the Alt key + Print Screen key on your keyboard. Press the Windows key + Print Screen key on your keyboard.

  • It’s not something that is done very often so if you are going through it, chances are you have never before, and you may never again.
  • Add and size your webcam for picture in picture effect.
  • Once you do, let us know which method you prefer to capture a screenshot and why.

To screenshot, go to the screen you want to capture on your iPhone. IPhones with Face ID do not have a Home button, so you need to use the Side button to take a screenshot. Open the window or menu that you would like to capture. Press only to capture a portion of your screen together to capture a screenshot, Shift + Command + 3. The PrtSc button can also be used as a shortcut to open the Snip & Sketch tool.

Boot from Windows Recovery Drive

To get things going, we might as well use the easiest way to boot into Safe Mode. For this, all you need is your keyboard and the Start menu. When you boot into Safe Mode, it only loads what is necessary for Windows. No effects, no complex graphics driver, sound card, etc. This allows you to narrow down more easily what the issue you’re having might be.

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How to Take Screenshots in Windows Like a Pro

Some PC manufacturers disable this action, and on some PCs, startup is fast enough that it’s hard to hit the key at the right time. If your PC does not present you with this screen, you can try starting your PC from a USB recovery drive. It’s best if you’ve made one ahead of time, but in a pinch, you can create one from another PC running the same version of Windows. The next time you need to get to this screen quicker, hold the Shift key while you select Restart from the login window.

If Your PC Can Start Windows Normally

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